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The Pub

by Brett Domino




I wanna go to the pub with you
When this thing has blown over
Go to the pub with you
Or on my own is fine
I wanna go to the pub
‘Cause the pub is where I want to be
And if you want to come, that’s great, but I’d be fine if it was just me
Honestly, it’s on the pub bit I’m most keen

That’s not to say I haven’t missed ya
I’ve wished ya could have been round mine much more
I follow you on Twitter though
So got the gist of how you spent your days stuck home indoors

No, there’s not much to say to each other
When neither of us have done a single thing since the summer

As soon as we can, let’s make some new memories
Either together, or maybe individually
So that the next time you’re video calling me
We have something else to talk about besides “what did you have for your tea

I wanna go to the pub with you
Or a similar type of venue
Like a bar or a club, with you
Or with anyone, if I’m honest
Just having a drink, sitting in a public place
Surrounded by my, or someone else’s mates
Either way I’ll be in town about half past eight
You can join me if you want, but if you don’t I’ve no real complaints

I wanna feel the smooth crinkle of a crisp five pound note
As I hand it over to the barman in return for a cold half pint of Strongbow
Pressing the glass to my dry lips
At the Ibis hotel bar
On a Thursday night
That’s right, I wanna bottle this feeling
Put it on ice and drink it down the pub

Down at the pub, yeah

When everything’s open again, I’ll see you down the Speckled Hen
When it’s OK to be back in groups, I’ll see you at the Fox & Goose
As soon as it’s not risky, I’ll be sipping shots of whisky
At the bar down at the Duck & Drake, when socialising is proved to be safe
When the lockdown’s been revoked, I’ll be down at the Royal Oak
Once all this stuff is done, I’ll be up at the Rising Sun

At the pub
At the pub
At the pub
At the pub

Just want to sit in silence
At a venue with an alcohol license
Well, the air’s alive with chatter
But to me it doesn’t matter
‘Cause I got my big headphones
And I got the wi-fi code

At the pub
I'm on my own at the pub


released February 22, 2021


all rights reserved



Brett Domino Leeds, UK

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