All Rhetoric

from by Brett Domino



Here we go, back at the centre of the universe
Ripping up rulebooks like we Copernicus
What’s that? What does it matter you never heard of us?
You’re grooving to this track & I’ve barely finished the first verse

It’s the B.D.T, that’s B.D. and S.P.
Look us up on the G, double-O G, L, E.
But don’t get perplexed, we don’t possess a camera
Just to express our viewpoints and blabber on

No, we ain’t vloggers and no, we ain’t bothered
I know we just flogging a dead horse to a lot of ya
Yes, I got a ukulele, don’t blame me
I just find guitars that little bit too weighty

Actually, that makes no sense, I carry a keytar
Thirty inches upwards from wherever my feet are
It’s eight and a half pounds of solid molded plastic
I’m gonna play it now, so prepare to get your ass kicked

Boom! If you’re down with us
Sway! If you’re down with us
Jump! If you’re down with us
It’s all rhetoric
It’s all rhetoric

Hey, come over here, yeah, baby, come to Brett Domino
Take me by the hand and I’m’a take you where you wanna go
Yes, I work magic, but don’t confuse me with Dynamo
I play the bassoon, but I don’t got no piccolo

I got more hits than I know what to do with
I don’t mean in the charts, I mean on the computer
Soon as I got tracks that pack stacks
I’m’a pick up my Grammy for Best Non-Classical Producer

If you wanna get down then you know where to go
And if you find yourself in Yorkshire ladies, come say hello

‘Cause we got the funk, and the funk is unstoppable
If you think you can stop the funk I’d say no, it’s impossible
It’s at least improbable; funk, it’s a phenomenon
Yeah, it’s a slumber party be sure to put your pyjamas on


from Funk, released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Brett Domino Leeds, UK

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