NGC 4945

from by Brett Domino

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Heart stopped, breathless
Just like the song by Texas
Feel like I’m gonna bring up my breakfast
Sledgehammer to my solar plexus

Perspiration on my lip
Sweat dripping down my rib
Shattered my entire demeanour
The first time I ever seen her

I’m not one to be exaggeratin’, fabricatin’
But this girl, she’s so devastatingly captivating
She lights me up like a thousand watt incandescent bulb
Yeah, she’s out of this world

She must be from NGC 4945
She can’t be from this galaxy
She just like nothin’ I’ve seen
Before on this planet

She from NGC 4945
Or a similar galaxy
Maybe Messier 83
And I want her to take me home

I gotta see you so I’m gonna send a rocket up
Hotline to NASA ‘cause I don’t wanna cock it up
Sucked in by your supernova gravity
Getting hot, hot like black hole entropy

Take me to the mothership, show me how to work it
Interstellar species getting down and dirty
‘Cause I come in peace, just wanna learn your ways
Wanna Netflix and chill out in outer space

This kind of thing ain’t normal
‘Cause to her I’m just a mere mortal
And I ain’t gonna play no more
Because a guy like me can’t survive in space

And she be like, listen
If you wanna get down, get down with me
Then you gotta be from another galaxy


from Funk, released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Brett Domino Leeds, UK

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