from by Brett Domino



It’s the way the sunlight falls down through the trees
It’s the feeling that you get just before you sneeze
Like a glass of ice cold water on a hot day
Like when everyone went mad for that one song by Gotye
That’s the feeling that I get whenever I’m with you

And if you feel the same then you should tell me so
‘Cause I’m not good at letting these kind of things go
Don’t you know my only kryptonite is you

‘Cause when your hair that shade of fuchsia
I don’t wanna see a future without you
‘Cause baby when you don’t got that shade of fuchsia
I be like F.U.C.H, see ya
When you got that fuchsia

Like when you match three symbols on a lottery card
You accelerate the pounding of my heart
But just like when you take the time to read the guidelines
And realise you need to get four things to win a prize
I soon find myself crashing back down headfirst

Mm, girl, your hair so vibrant
Wanna come with me? We’ll go somewhere private
That shade, it drives me wild
You’re the only girl on the British Isles
With style like that, eyes like that
Wear no other colour ‘cause you’re wise like that
See you walking over, I’m like Hallelujah
She knows how to work the fuchsia

Like a rooster, I’m crowing, cock-a-doodle, I’m in a stupor
Need booster shots to stop me picturing us in your boudoir
I got it bad, I gotta have her, I’m infatuated
Weighing me down, I’m like a camel incapacitated
She got to be in my future
When she got that shade of fuchsia


from Funk, released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Brett Domino Leeds, UK

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